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Here are the top ten articles for the Southeast Asia Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Raja Ampat Islands - The Paradise in Papua
Raja Ampat is an ultimate destination for divers who are looking for a fabulous and exotic experience of its exciting underwater beauty. Located at the tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula in Papua Island, the region is very famous for its world class diving and snorkeling.

2. Japanese Festivals - Sanja Matsuri (Day 2)
Day 2 of the Sanja Matsuri is the grand parade of 100 Mikoshi (portable shrines).

3. Ubud - Village of Arts in Bali
Ubud is a charming and unspoiled countryside in Bali where you can experience spiritual beauty in the landscape, culture and arts.

4. 5 Things to Know in Traveling in Southeast Asia
Travelling in Southeast Asia has been one of the top tourists’ destinations for its fantastic landscape, culturally rich countries, delicious food and comparatively inexpensive travel destination.

5. Singapore Travel Tips
Singapore is the most expensive country in Southeast Asia but you can still explore the country on the cheap way. Here are some travelling tips you can do.

6. Exploring Yogyakarta, the Javanese High culture
Yogyakarta has more than any other of Java’s towns. It offers the presence of an ancient Javanese high culture that can still be seen, felt and heard.

7. The Shanghai Entry and Exit Administration Bureau
The new Shanghai Entry and Exit Administration Bureau is at No. 1500 Minsheng Road. Use the Entry and Exit Administration Bureau for passports, visas and resident permits (cards) when in Shanghai, China.

8. Singapore Changi Airport Oxygen Bar
Singapore Changi Airport Oxygen Bar in the Plaza Premium Lounge is the great way to rejuvenate while waiting for a flight. It is on Level 3 in Terminal 1.

9. How to wear a Mawashi
Simple rikishi (Sumo wrestler) mawashi (black cotton belt) instructions for the novice. Use this easy and learn how to wrap the traditional Sumo wrestler's clothing.

10. Penang, The Cool Spot in Malaysia
Penang, Malaysia is a place of melting pot where many identities – Malay, Chinese, Indian, British colonial and tourists mix together into a beautiful knot.

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